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Bundled products are a great way to offer shoppers different options to experience your product offerings, and also make for easy gift ideas. To create a bundled product, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a new product

Step 2: Create a simple product as you normally would, then click “Create Product”

Step 3: Go to the “Add-ons” section, then click “Add Field”

Step 4: Set up your add-on settings:

  1. In the “Type” field, choose “Multiple Choice”
  2. In the “Display as” field, choose “Radio Buttons”
  3. In the “Title” field, enter the name of your add-on option
  4. Click on the “Require Field” button

Step 5: Add your product options

  1. The name of your product option
  2. The fee type of your product option
  3. The fee amount of your product option

Step 6: Repeat the steps for 3-5 for each product options (e.g. if your product has three options, you will need to create three product add-ons: one for each option)

Step 7: Click the “Save Product” button to apply your changes

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