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Viewing your Products

To view your products, follow either of the steps below:
• Visit
• Click on “My Account” in the top right corner, then click “Dashboard”, then click “Go to Artisan Dashboard”.
Note: The default view for the Products section is set to “All”, showing all the products you’ve added to your shop in its lifetime.
To change the view to show only the visible products in your shop that customers can currently view and purchase, click on “Online”.

To search for products, follow either of the steps below:

  • Filtering: you may filter products by the date they were added to your shop, by product category, or both. Simply select a date (“All dates” button), and/or a category (“- Select a category -” button) and click on “FILTER”.
  • Searching: you may search products by name or keyword by typing into the “Search Products” bar and clicking on “SEARCH”.

Understanding the Products Page


  • Image: a thumbnail of the main image you’ve uploaded for the product
  • Name: the name you’ve given the product
  • Status: the current status of the product in your shop
    • Online: the customer can view and purchase the product
    • Offline: the product has been created, but the customer cannot view or purchase it
    • Pending: the product has been created, but is pending approval from Signatures
  • SKU: the stock keeping unit product code you’ve created for the product. It should be a unique set of characters which will not match to any other product.
  • Stock: the current status of the product in your inventory
    • In stock: the product is in stock and available for purchase
    • Out of stock: the product out of stock and unavailable for purchase
    • On backorder: the product is currently out of stock but available for purchase
  • Price: the product list price, as seen by the customer
  • Earning: the product’s net price, once the commission fee has been applied
  • Type: the product’s classification type – hover over the icon to view the type
    • Simple: a product that has no differentiating size, weight, colour, or quantity
    • Variable: a product that has multiple attributes, such as differentiating size, weight, colour, and/or quantity
  • Views: the total number of times a customer has viewed the product
  • Date: the date you created the product in your shop

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