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Understanding the Orders Page

The Order page of your Dashboard lists all orders made in your shop chronologically, with the most recent order at the top. You can filter the orders by status from the top of the page, or the orders placed on a specific day by clicking on “Filter by Date” and selecting a date. You can also export to a .CSV file a list of all your orders by clicking the “Export All” button, or a list of specific orders by clicking on the button(s) to the left of the order number(s) and clicking the “Export Filtered” button.


  • Order: the order number, generated automatically by our e-commerce platform
  • Order total: the grand total of the order. For refunded orders, the total will appear as $0.00 with the original total appearing in strikethrough.
  • Earning: the net total remitted to your Stripe account after the commission fee is applied
  • Status: the current status of your order
    • Completed: Order fulfilled and complete – Add shipping information.
    • Processing: Payment is received, the order is awaiting completion. To complete the order, click on the checkmark button under the “Action” column
    • On Hold: This order is on hold – You may place an order on hold if a product is out of stock at time of fulfilment, you need to make the product or if you need to contact customer for questions, etc.
  • Customer: the registered name of the customer who has placed the order
  • Date: the date the order was placed by the customer
  • Action: additional actions available for the order
    • Checkmark button: once the order has been completed, you must click this button to complete it
    • Eye button: view the page containing all the details of the order. To return to your full list of orders, click on “← Orders” on the top left.
    • Document with $ button: opens a PDF copy of the order invoice
    • Document with lines button: opens a PDF copy of the order’s packing slip

Order Notes

To add or view notes on a specific order, click on the order’s “eye” button in the “Action” column. This brings you to the page containing all the details of the order. On the right side of the page, you will see the “Order Notes” section. In the “Add Note” section, you have two options

  • Customer Note: the customer will receive an email notification each time a customer note is added
  • Private Note: only you will receive an email notification each time a private note is added

Completing an Order

The following is a list of steps you must take in order to complete an order:

  1. Check your email: once a customer completes the purchase of your product(s), you will receive an email notification automatically containing the order invoice and packing slip.
  2. Ship the product: using your preferred shipping provider, ship the product to the purchasing customer’s shipping address. Ensure that the shipment comes with a tracking number.
  3. Enter the shipment tracking into the order details: navigate to your Artisan Dashboard → Orders → then click on the order for which you want to add shipment tracking. At the bottom right of the Order Details page, click on the “Tracking Number” button. Enter the shipping provider name or URL, tracking number (optional) and date shipped, then click on the “Add Tracking Details” button. The Order Details page will then be updated with a new order note containing the shipping information.
  4. Mark the order complete: navigate back to the Orders page and click on the checkmark button in the “Action” column. The order’s status will change from “Processing” to “Complete” and an email will automatically be sent to the customer with their shipping information.
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