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To search for products on Shop Signatures using the search bar, follow these steps:
  1. In the search bar labeled “Search Canadian Handmade Products”, begin typing a keyword.
  2. If you want to refine your search to a specific category, use the filter labeled “All Categories” and select your desired category.
  3. When you begin typing a keyword, search results will begin to appear under the search bar.
  4. Click on a product to view the product page.
To browse products on Shop Signatures, follow any these steps:
  1. From the Shop Signatures homepage, scroll down to view all products by category or by artisan shop. 
    1. To view more products within a category or artisan shop, click on the image of the category or artisan shop.
  2. To browse products by artisans, hover over the “Artisans” menu on the homepage
    1. Click on a specific category to view all artisans within that category.
    1. Click on “View All Artisans” to view all Shop Signatures artisans.
  3. To browse all Shop Signatures artisans, click on the “Artisans” menu button.
    1. To view artisans by their business location, use the map and click on the red markers the view artisans any specific geographical area.
    1. To filter artisans on the Artisans page, click on the “Search” button under the map.
      1. Use the “Search Artisans” search bar to search artisans by company name. Click “Apply” to apply your search.
      1. Use the “Location” search bar to search artisans by business location. Click “Apply” to apply your search.
      1. Use the “Category” drop-down menu to filter artisans by category and/or by the Signatures shows in which they have participated. Click “Apply” to apply the filters you have selected.
  4. To browse products by category, hover over the “Categories” menu button, and select your desired category or sub-category.
    1. To view all products in all categories, click on the “Categories” menu button.
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