This leather hand carved and painted dragon journal 

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Each Raven Journal is custom-made just for you and makes a great gift for someone who loves ravens as well! We hand make and hand-carve every book from 100% eco-friendly vegetable tanned cowhide.  

Each journal is hand-bound, by us, with either blank card stock or lined 24lb paper. The journal comes as a 5×7 inch. 

• Leather: luxury Vegetable Tanned
• Paper: Card Stock (acid free)

• Page Count: 160 writing / drawing surfaces
• Binding: Classic Medieval: you can refill your journal once it’s full by rebinding it

Notes from the studio:
Why we make books:
Books have been used for centuries to chronicle every aspect of human life and knowledge. We create our books for you to capture the romanticism of the classic journal or artist’s pad by using a classic binding, high-quality leather, and blank pages to beckon your imagination. 
As works of art, you can display them on a shelf or coffee table to create an eye-catching feature. The acid-free pages are ideal for writing, drawing, sketching, photographs, keepsakes, souvenirs, and more. Each book can have new pages added if you wish to keep using the jacket or would like to add your own preferred papers in. 

How we make our pieces:
Each book in this series is meticulously hand-carved, hand-dyed, hand-finished and hand bound. Each image carved onto these books is an original created from our inspirations, which include: fantasy, traveling to ancient ruins, history, and mythology. Some of these books are also hand-painted with special leather paints and overlays. The leather used is an ethically sourced tooling hide that softens over time. All the leather used for these books is vegetable tanned and is a byproduct of the food industry. The acid-free card stock pages, are great for: writing, drawing, sketching, photographs, scrapbooking, calligraphy, pen, pencil, etc. The classic bind used on these books gives an elegant old-world finish and allows the user or local book-binding clubs to easily rebind the book with any paper. The dyes used are an environmentally friendly water-based dye which leaves a rich hand-finished touch on each book bringing out the unique highlights, grains, and character of each piece of leather*. We use a variety of different hand-applied, finishes to both protect and emphasize the leathers natural beauty. The wax on the outside casing is Carnauba wax or palm wax and is non-toxic food-grade wax. This wax can occasionally be seen in the carvings on our leatherwork and eventually will wear away. 

Finishes may include but are not limited to, any or all of the following depending on the piece: high-quality oils, waxes, gums, and protective coats. Each book is hand buffed once the finishes have set to give it a resilient sheen.

* Note: all colors will pick up the natural highlights and lowlights found in the leather. While these variations add a beautiful texture and character to each piece it does not give a solid color like industrially dyed, heavily chemical dyed, leathers. Because it is not industrially dyed the leather is not softened with harsh chemicals but has to slowly break in to soften with time and use. As you use your new journal, it will take on the characteristics of the story you are creating together. Also, each piece of leather, like wood, is different and has its own characteristics including ripples, creases, high and low areas as this is a natural product. We do not consider these flaws but the unique characteristics of each piece of leather.




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Artisan Information

Our pieces are created in a small studio by two people who want to bring beauty and enjoyment into the lives of those who choose to own them. Each item is carefully created and inspected before shipping indentations, scratches or scuffs on the back of the items may exist and is a result of the artistic process in which they were created. We don’t exist to create flawless items. All items are individually handmade therefore there are differences between even the earrings. Some items do not match the picture exactly but are still the same size, colour, image etc and they will be substituted for the item in the picture. The Leather pictured in photographs is only an example of the type of leather you will receive in colour and variations. Also because all computers, tablets, tvs and phone screens are different the colour may be slightly different than the colour of the leather in the photographs.



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